A Dark Brown Dog by Stephen Crane

A Dark Brown Dog by Stephen Crane
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Author: Stephen Crane

A Dark Brown Dog by Stephen Crane

A child was standing on the side of the road. He leaned against a board fence high on one shoulder and blew the other off with a stick, and at the same time, he carelessly kicked the gravel.
The sun scorched the washes, and the strong heat picked up the yellow dust that was trapped in the clouds below the avenue. Rock-throwing trucks moved through it recklessly. The child stood up with dreams.
After a while, a small dark brown dog came on the sidewalk with the intention. A small rope was pulling from his neck. Sometimes he would stumble over it and stumble.

A Dark Brown Dog by Stephen Crane

He paused in opposition to the child, and the two respected each other. The dog hesitated for a moment, but this time he has made some progress on his own. The boy put his hand out and called out. The dog approached apologetically, and the two exchanged friendly paintings and wigs. In each moment of the interview, the dog became more excited, even threatening to turn the child over with the good news. The boy then raised his hand and struck the dog on the head.
This made the powerful and small black-brown dog small and surprised and hurt him heartily.

He sank to the child’s feet in frustration. When the blow was repeated, together with a reminder in childish sentences, he turned to his back, and strangely restrained his legs. At the same time, with his ears and eyes, he led the child in a small prayer.

Currently, she struggles to her feet and starts after having a baby.
He looked so funny on his back, and he held his legs in particular, that the child was very happy and gave him small tubes, again and again, to keep him. But the little black-brown dog took this torment very seriously, and there is no doubt that he has committed a great crime because he complained bitterly and repented in every way that was in his power. Was She begged and pleaded with the child, and prayed more.
Eventually, the child got fed up with the fun and headed home. The dog was praying. He lay on his back and looked back at the farm.

A Dark Brown Dog by Stephen Crane

Currently, she struggles to her feet and starts after having a baby. The latter periodically for the investigation of various matters. From time to time he would walk towards his house. During one of these breaks, he discovered a small dark brown dog that was following him through the footpad wind.
The boy beat his pursuer with a small stick he found. The child lay down and prayed until the child was finished, and resumed his journey. Then he stood up and followed her again.

On his way home, the child turned around several times and beat the dog, announcing with childish gestures that he had humiliated him as an insignificant dog, leaving no value for a moment. Because of this quality of the animal, the dog apologized and expressed eloquence, but followed the girl with stealth. His style grew so guilty that he fell like a murderer.

When the child reached his door, the dog was industrially ambushing a few yards in the back. He was so enraged by the embarrassment when he faced the child again that he forgot the dragging rope. He slipped on it and fell forward.
The child tries to drag the dark brown dog
The child sat on the steps and the two took another interview. During this time the dog tried hard to make the baby happy. He gambled with such logic that all of a sudden the child thought it was something valuable. He made a sharp, airy charge and grabbed the rope.

A Dark Brown Dog

He dragged his captive into a hall and several long stairs into a dark tent. The dog tried to please, but he could skillfully climb the stairs because he was so small and soft, and eventually the Mongol boy’s speed became so fast that the dog panicked. In his mind, he was being dragged towards a serious ignorance. Her eyes went wild with terror. He began to shake his head helplessly and his legs twitched.
The child doubled his efforts. They fought on the stairs. The child was the winner because he was fully absorbed in his purpose and because the dog was too small. He dragged his pursuit to the door of his house, and finally with victory across its threshold.

Currently, she struggles to her feet and starts after having a baby.

No one was inside. The child sat on the floor and got out of the dog. This dog immediately. Just accepted He was lovingly surprised at his new friend. In a short time, he remained steadfast and a companion.
When the baby’s family appeared, they lined up nicely. The dog was examined and commented on and named. The crowd was equal in the eyes of everyone so that he was very embarrassed and slipped away like a scorched plant. But the child went hard to the center of the floor, and, at the top of his voice, championed the dog. It happened when he was shaving in protest when his arms were tied around the dog’s neck when the father of the family came home from work

The parents demanded to know which Blaze baby they were crying for. It was explained in many words that this naughty child wanted to introduce an uncut dog to the family.
A family council was held. The dog’s fate depended on him, but he paid no attention and was busy chewing on the baby’s clothes.
The matter was settled quickly. The family’s father appears to have been particularly angry this evening, and when he realized it would be shocking and outrageous to let such a dog live, he decided it should be. The baby was crying softly, taking his friend out of the room to be with him, while the father forced his wife to rebel violently. So it turned out that the dog was a member of the household.

He and the baby lived together all the time while the baby slept. The child became a guardian and friend. If the adult kicked the dog and threw things at him, the child objected loudly and violently. Once the child ran away, he protested loudly, tears streaming down his face and his arms, to protect his friend, who was carrying a huge saucepan in his father’s hand. He was hit in the head, leaving him unaware. Thanks to the dog. After that, the family was careful about how they threw things at the dog. In addition, the latter was very skilled at avoiding missiles and footprints. In a small room with a stove, a table, a bureau, and some chairs, he demonstrated the ability of a high order strategy, dodging, fanning, and rotating furniture. He could force three or four men, armed with brooms, sticks, and a handful of coal, to use all his ease to strike. And even when they do, it’s rare that they can hurt him or leave an impression.

But when the child was present, these scenes did not occur. It was recognized that if the dog was abused, the child would be molested, and when the child started, it was very noisy and practically unrecognizable, with the dog having a bodyguard.
However, the child could not always be close. At night, as he slept, his dark-brown friend echoed from a dark corner a wild, sighing, a song of innumerable politeness and despair, which shook the buildings of the block and made people swear. I used to eat. . In those days the singer was often chased in the kitchen and a wide variety of subjects were found.

Sometimes, Bach himself would beat the dog, although it is not known if he ever had a job that was actually called a fair cause. The dog always confessed to the crime. He was too much a dog to try to be martyred or to plot revenge. He found himself walking with great humility, and in addition, he forgave his friend when the child was gone, and he was ready to grind the child’s hand with his little red tongue.
When misfortune befell a child, and his worries overwhelmed him, he would often crawl under the table and put his little pain on the dog’s back. The dog was once sympathetic. Needless to say, on such occasions, he unjustly beat his friend when he was provoked

He did not have a significant degree of closeness to other members of the family. He didn’t trust them, and the fear that he would express them in a casual way often bothered them too much. He found some satisfaction in breastfeeding her less, but in the end, his friend wanted to look into the matter with some caution, and when he forgot about it, the dog often succeeded secretly for himself.
So the dog was happy. He made a big bark, which was amazingly visible from such a small dog carpet. He stopped screaming permanently at night. Sometimes, indeed, in his sleep, he would scream in pain, but no doubt, when in his dreams he was confronted by furious dogs who threatened him severely.

Her devotion to the child grew until it was a good thing. He approached her. He sank into despair as he left. He could detect the sound of a child’s footsteps amidst all the noise in the neighborhood. It was like his voice.
The scene of their companionship was a kingdom ruled by this terribly strong child. But neither criticism nor rebellion ever won a moment in the heart of the same article. In the mystical, hidden fields of her little dog’s soul, flowers of love and honesty and perfect faith blossomed.

The child was accustomed to going on many expeditions to observe strange things around him. On these occasions, his friend usually joked with the motive behind it. Maybe, though, he moved on. It needed to be turned every quarter of a minute to make sure. It gave me a great idea of ​​the importance of these trips. He carries himself with such wind! He was proud to be the advocate of such a great king.
One day, however, the family’s father became quite an alcoholic. He came home and had a cooking pot, furniture, and a carnival with his wife. He was in the middle of the fun when the baby, then a dark brown dog, entered the room. They were returning from their journey.
It was a picture of a light brown dog walking to a friend.

The child’s trained eye immediately noticed his father’s condition. He dived under the table, where experience had taught him, but it was a safe place. The dog was, in fact, unaware of the real situation. He stared intently at his friend’s sudden diving. He interpreted it as meaning: Happy Gamble. He started jumping across the floor to join her. It was a picture of a light brown dog walking to a friend.

A Dark Brown Dog

The head of the family saw him then. He screamed for joy and knocked the dog down from the heavy coffee pot. The dog, screaming in surprise and fear, clung to its paws and ran to cover it. The man deliberately kicked her out. He turned the dog around as if trapped in a tide. The second blow of the coffee pot he placed on the floor.
Here the child, shouting loudly, came out bravely like a knight. The father of the family did not pay attention to the child’s cries but he happily moved on the dog. After being knocked down twice in a row by the speedster, the latter apparently gave up all hope of escape. He turned on his back and strangely held his claws. At that moment, he offered a small prayer with his eyes and ears.

But Dad was in a good mood, and with that came the thought that it would be a good idea to throw the dog out the window. So he went downstairs and grabbed the animal by one leg and lifted it up, waving. He slammed his head two or three times sarcastically and then blew it out of the window with great accuracy.
The growing dog surprised the block. The opposing woman screamed unusually at a woman watering plants in the window and dropped a flower pot. A man in another window was leaning dangerously to watch the dog fly. A woman, who was hanging clothes in the yard, started looting mercilessly. Her mouth was full of clothespins, but her arms showed a kind of surprise. Apparently, he was like a prisoner. The children run away screaming.

The dark gray body collapsed into a pile on the roof of the five-story shed below. From there it paved the way for a street coach.
The child upstairs burst into a long, long, long cry, and hurried out of the room. It took him a long time to reach the streets, because of his size he had to go down, one step at a time, and up with both hands; they found him sitting with his dark corpse. Old friend
When they later came to see him, they sat him down with the body of their dark-brown friend.

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