the Gift of the Magi by O Henry story

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Maggie’s gift
One dollar and eighty-seven cents.
That was all. He put it aside, a hundred and then another and then another
Second, he made careful purchases of meat and other foods. Count the days

the Gift of the Magi by O. H e n r y

Three times one dollar and eighty-seven cents. And the next day
It will be Christmas
There was nothing but falling on the bed and crying. So did Della.
As nurses calm down, we can
Look at the house Rooms built at a cost of $ 8 per week don’t say much about it.
Downstairs in the hall was a letterbox with a letter.
There was an electric bell, but it couldn’t make a sound. Also, there was one
Door Name: “Mr. James Dillingham Young.”

1. O. Henry

When named, Mr. James Dillingham Young
Per week. 30 was paid. Now that he was paid only 20
The name of the week seemed very long and important. Maybe it should
“Mr. James was young. But when Mr. James Dillingham was young
Entered the furnished rooms, in fact, his name was very short. Mrs.
James Dillingham Young warmly placed his arms around her and called out
Call it the “gym.” You’ve already met him. That’s Della.
Della stopped crying and wiped the number from her face.
She was standing by the window, staring out of the window. Tomorrow
It would be Christmas day and he had only 87 1.87 to buy
Jim a gift. He put it aside for months at will
The result is not more than twenty dollars a week. Everything was expensive
This has always been more than expected.
Just $ 1.87 to buy a gift for the gym. She was very happy
Hours are making some good plans for it. That’s a good thing.
Something worthwhile for gym honors.
There was a mirror between the windows in the room. You may have seen mirrors in 8 different types of rooms. It was too tight. One person could only see a little
Itself at the same time. However, if he was too thin and moved too quickly,
Maybe he can get a good idea of ​​himself. Della, being quite thin,
Has mastered this art.
Suddenly she turned from the window and stood in front of the mirror.
Her eyes were shining, but her face was faded. Quickly
He pulled his hair down and let it fall to its length.
James Dillingham Young was very proud of two things
He was the owner. One thing was Jim’s gold watch. It was once
Her father. And, a long time ago, he was related to his father’s father.
Dela’s hair was something else.

If a queen lived in chambers near them, Della would be found
Washed and dried her hair where the queen could see it. Della knew
Her hair was more beautiful than any queen’s jewelry and gifts.
If a king lived in the same house with all his wealth, he would get a gym
Whenever they meet, they look at his watch. Jim knew there was no king


the Gift of the Magi

Something was so precious.
So now Della’s beautiful hair is shining like a fall
A stream of brown water. He reached under her knees. It’s almost self-made
In a dress for her.
And then he panicked and hastened to put it back on his head.
Once she stopped for a moment and stood up when tears or two fell
Her face down.
He put on his old brown coat. He put on his old gray hat.
With a bright light in his eyes, he hurried out
And on the street.
Where it left off, the sign read: “Ms. Sofrini hair items
Of any kind
Della continued to run to the second floor and stopped to catch her breath.
Madame Sofrini, a tall, very white woman with cold eyes, looked at him.
“Do you want to buy my hair? Della asked.
“I buy hair,” Ms. Sophony says. “Take off your hat and let me see.”
The brown waterfall has fallen.
“Twenty dollars,” Mrs. Sofrini said lifting her hair up to smell it.
“Give it to me quickly,” Della said.
Oh, and were seen flying for the next two hours. She went
From one store to another, to find a gift for the gym.
He finally got it. It was definitely made for the gym and no one else
And there was no other store like it, and he saw it
In all the shops in town
It was a gold watch chain, very easy to use. It was worth it
Rich and pure material. Because it was so clean and easy you know
That it was very precious. All good things are like this.
It was good enough for the watch.
As soon as she saw it, she knew Jim had it. That was it
There were silence and value – silence both in Jim and in China
Value. He paid twenty-one dollars for it. And she rushed home with him
Chains and eighty-seven cents.

the Gift of the Magi


O. Henry

With this chain on the watch, Jim could see his watch and
Learn wherever you are. Even though the watch was great,
He never had a thin chain. He would take it out sometimes and watch
It’s just that no one could see it.
When Della returned home, her mind went blank. She started to leave
Think more rationally. She tried to hide the sad marks of something
She made Giving with love and generosity when combined, can
Leave a deep mark. Dear friends, it is never easy to cover these marks.
Never easy
In forty minutes, his head was a little better. in the same way
Short-haired, he looked surprisingly like a schoolboy. She was standing next to him
Glass looking for a long time.
He said to himself: “If Jim doesn’t hit me,” before looking at me
The second time, he will say: “I look like a girl who dances and dances”.
But what can I do – oh! What can I do with a dollar and eighty cents?
At seven o’clock the gym meal was ready for him.
Jim was never late. Della held the watch chain in her hand and
He sat down near the door where he always entered. Then he heard her footsteps inside
Hall and his face lost their color for a while. She often said little prayers
Quietly, on the simple things of everyday life. And now he said, “Please God,
Make her think I’m still beautiful. “
The door opened and Jim stepped forward. He looked very thin and he
Did not smile Poor comrade, he was only 22 years old and with a family to take care of him! She needed a new coat and had nothing to cover
His cold hands.
Jim stopped inside the door. When he was silent like a hunting dog
It is close to a bird. Her eyes looked strangely at Della, and there was one
The expression in them that she couldn’t understand. It fills him with fear.
It was anger, surprise, and not something she was ready for. They
He just looked at her with that weird expression on his face.
Della went to him.
“Jim, honey,” he shouted, “don’t look at me like that. My hair was cut.”
Off and sold. I couldn’t live without giving you one4


the Gift of the Magi
Gifts will get my hair back. You don’t care, do you? My hair is growing
Very fast. It’s Christmas, Jim. Be happy. You don’t know what
Good – what a wonderful gift I got for you. “
“Did you cut your hair?” Jim asked softly. It seems to be working
To understand what happened. He can’t believe it
“Cut it out and sell it,” Della said. “Don’t you love me now?”
I, Jim. I am the same without my hair. “
Jim looked around the room.
“Are you saying your hair is gone?” They said.
“You don’t have to look for it,” Della said. “It’s booked, I’m telling you –
Sold and gone. Boy, is it the night before Christmas? Be nice to me
Because I sold it to you. Maybe the hair on my head can be counted.
He said, “But no one could count my love for you. Shall we eat?”
Dinner, gym?
Jim put his arms around his bride. For ten seconds, let’s see
On the other hand, eight dollars a week or one million dollars a year.
How different they are. Someone may answer you, but she will
By mistake, Maggie brought valuable gifts, but she was not included
Their. My meaning will be explained soon.
From inside the coat, Jim took something wrapped in paper. He threw
On the table.
“I want you to understand me, Dale,” he said. “There is no such thing
Haircuts can make me fall in love with you less. But if you open it, you will
Maybe I know what I felt when I entered.
White fingers tore the paper. And then the cry of joy; And
Then the tears change.
Because there were Kings, there were Kings that Della saw in one
Showcased and loved for a long time. Beautiful comb, with jewelry
Perfect for her beautiful hair. She knew they were too expensive
He to buy them. He saw them without the slightest hope
They own. And now they were his, but his hair was gone.
But he held them in his heart and could see at last
And say, “My hair is growing so fast, Jim!”

the Gift of the Magi

O. Henry

And then she jumped up and shouted, “Oh, oh!”
Jim hadn’t seen his beautiful gift yet. He handed it to her
His open hand was glowing softly like gold
And loving passion
“Isn’t that perfect, Jim?” I hunted all over the city to find it. You will have
You have to look at your watch a hundred times a day. Give me your watch
I want to see what they look like. “
Jim sat up and smiled.
“Della, give up our Christmas presents and keep them,” he said
Sometimes they are very good to use. I sold the watch to get the money
To buy comb l And now I think we should have dinner.
As you know Maggie was a wise man – amazingly wise man –
Who brought gifts for the newborn child of Christ. They were the first
Give Christmas presents. Being wise, his gifts were undoubtedly wise.
And here I told you the story of two children who were not good.
Everyone sold valuables so they could buy a gift
Other. But let me say one last word to the wise men of those days: Everything
Those who give gifts, they were both wise. Whoever gives and receives
Gifts, like they are sensible. Everywhere, they are wise.
They are beggars.

The Gift of the Magi Summary

The story opens with 1.87. Dalla Dillingham Young has to buy a present for her beloved husband Jim. And the next day is Christmas. Faced with such a situation, Della immediately slips into tears on the sofa, giving the narrator a chance to tell us more about Jim and Della’s situation. The downside is that they live in a flag flat and they are poor. But they love each other.

Once Della recovers, she goes to the mirror to put her hair down and examine it. Della’s beautiful, brown, knee-length hair is one of the couple’s two greatest treasures. The second is the gym’s gold watch. Examining her hair, Della left her behind, shed tears, and picked up a bundle to lift her head in the cold. She leaves the flat and goes to Madame Sofrini’s hair shop, where she sells her hair for twenty rupees. He now has 21.87 cents.

With her new funds, Della Jim has managed to find the perfect present: a beautiful platinum watch chain for her watch. It’s $ 21, and she buys it. Excited by her gift, Della returns home and tries to present her short hair (with a curling iron). He’s not sure Jim will approve, but he did what he had to do to come up with a better offer. When she loses her hair, she works on making coffee and dinner.

At 7 o’clock in the evening, Jim keeps looking for Della at the door and stares at her, not realizing that Della has lost her hair. Della has no idea what her reaction means.

After a while, Jim walks out and presents Dela to him, explaining that his reaction would mean when she opens it. Della opened it and screamed happily, only to burst into tears soon after. Jim has given him the set of Fancy Kings he has wanted for ages, only now he has no hair. Jim let out a sigh of relief. Once she recovered, she presented her condition to Jim, continuing the clock. Jim smiled and fell back on the sofa. He said he sold his watch to buy Della’s comb. He advises them to give up their gifts and eat dinner. As they do, the narrator brings it closer to the story by saying that Della and Jim are wise in each of the gift-givers. She is Maggie.


What is the meaning of the gift of magi?

The title of the story refers to the three “wise men” or Magi who are believed to have brought valuable gifts to Jesus at his birth. O’Henry used the title because of the idea of valuable gifts and wisdom, as the title implies.

Who are the Magi in the story The Gift of the Magi?

As you know, Maggie was a wise man – an amazingly wise man – who brought gifts for the newborn baby of Christ. They were the first to give Christmas presents. Being wise, his gifts were undoubtedly wise. And here I have told you the story of two children who were not intelligent.

What is the real gift in the gift of the Magi?

The real gift is the love that Jim and Della have for each other. Jim and Della were bad, but each wanted to surprise the other with a meaningful Christmas present. This was because they believed that they could express their love for each other through material means.

What is the meaning of the Magi?

The Magi (/ ɪmeɪdʒaɪ / or / æmædʒaɪ / ؛ singular: Magus) in the Bible, also known as (three) wise men or (three) kings, were – in the Gospel of Matthew and in the Christian tradition – famous foreigners who After Jesus visited Jesus with gifts of birth, gold, frankincense and mirrors.

Why Jim and Della are called the Magi?

Mrs. James Dillingham Young, or Jim and Della, are called “the Magi” in the last sentence of O’s short story. Henry. It is explained at the end of the story that the Magi were the “wonderfully wise men” who gave the very first Christmas gifts when they brought gifts to Christ in the manger.

What is the author’s purpose in writing The Gift of the Magi?

Henry’s goal in writing “The Gift of the Magi” was to show that material possessions are not as important as true love.

What is the summary of the story The Gift of Magi?

Henry, written and published in 1905. It takes place at Christmas and tells the story of Jim and Della Dillingham, a poor married young couple who do not have enough money to buy Christmas presents. As The Gift of the Magi unfolds, the two sell their most precious possession to pay a gift for the other.

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